Welcome to the Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments (ORSEE)

At this site you can register to participate in laboratory experiments conducted by researchers associated with the Waikato Experimental Economics Laboratory (WEEL) at The University of Waikato. Experiment sessions usually last between 1-3 hours, have performance-based cash rewards that are paid at the end of the session, never use deception of any kind, and present minimal risk to participants. Cash earnings average approximately $17-20 per hour, but can vary significantly based on individual performance.

Prior to registering as a potential participant, please read both the "Rules" and "Privacy Policy". To register you must acknowledge familiarity with both documents. As stated in the Rules, experiment participants should have complete fluency in English reading and verbal-comprehension skills. Participants who do not have fluency in English may have difficulty understanding the instructions prior to the experiment and will thus be at a significant disadvantage

After registering as a potential participant (by clicking on "Sign up" in the left frame of this page) you may receive a future email inviting you to register as a participant in a specific experiment session. At that time you can decide whether you want to participate, but please be sure that you are free for the entire duration of the experiment before registering for a session.

For questions please contact weel@waikato.ac.nz.